Queens Art Fund

Recipient of 2018 Queens Art Fund New Works Grant (funded by New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Greater New York Arts Development Fund). The grant will support forthcoming photography book  project  ‘Landing Lights Park’ to be published Fall 2018 by ROMAN NVMERALS, The project puts into focus the neighborhood of East Elmhurst, Queens and adjacent sites under the whining roar and shadows of inbound jetliners landing at LaGuardia Airport’s runway 4.



New Yorker Photo

Photographs featured on @newyorkerphoto Instagram, the official feed of the New Yorker photo department. 

Gideon Jacobs, former Creative Director for Magnum Photos, writes

Rothenberg’s work always reminds me of legendary MoMA curator John Szarkowski's famous sentiment: “One might compare the art of photography to the act of pointing.” Rothenberg uses his camera the same way you’d use your index finger while on a walk with a friend, beckoning us to notice something that we simply wouldn’t have noticed without him.