Featured Photographer at Capricious

Work featured on Capricious blog. 

from the blog:

Rothenberg’s series, Covered Tracks, takes the familiar and repositions it. Through composing lines, bright colors and defined shadows, each image is broken up, transforming otherwise mundane spaces into meaningful compositions.

The objects featured in the series appear to be in poetic urban disarray, whether placed intentionally or simply neglected, they exist as a result of human influence. People are caught in between moments, some walking towards the edge of the frame, others in the midst of conversation. Bright, unapologetic sunlight is used to highlight the corners of this shared space and unify both subjects and objects as essential parts of the human narrative.

These approaches reveal the humanity Rothenberg creates in each scene. His photographs bring a stillness to a flexible environment, inviting viewers to re-examine common details with careful consideration.